Stu Rosenfeld


Dr. Stuart A. Rosenfeld , Founder and Principal, Regional Technology Strategies, Inc., previously served as deputy director of the Southern Growth Policies Board (an interstate compact representing the governments of southern states) and was founder and director of the Southern Technology Council and Consortium for Manufacturing Competitiveness. Rosenfeld organized and manages the Trans-Atlantic Technology and Training Alliance, a consortium of U.S., European, and South African colleges. Prior to joining Southern Growth, he was a Senior Associate at the National Institute of Education, where he co-authored a National Assessment of Vocational for the U.S. Congress. He has consulted to each subsequent national assessment of vocational education and wrote the initial research design paper for post-secondary vocational education for the most recent national assessment. Previously he worked for ten years in manufacturing for the General Electric Company as an engineer and director of operations research.

Dr. Rosenfeld has published numerous books and articles, including Competitive Manufacturing: New Strategies for Regional Development; Smart Firms in Small Towns; Industrial-Strength Strategies: Regional Clusters and Public Policy; Overachievers: Business Clusters that Work; Skills for an Information Economy; Smart Systems: A Guide to Cluster Strategies for Less Favoured Regions (European Union); A Governor's Guide to Cluster-Based Economic Development (National Governors' Association) and Just Clusters: Economic Development Strategies that Reach More People and Places; Cool Community Colleges: Creative Approaches to Economic Development (AACC); and Cluster-Based Strategies for Growing state Economies (NGA). Among his publications are four articles in the Community College Journal, three in European Planning Studies, and three in Economic Development Quarterly.

He has advised or testified before more than a dozen panels and committees of the U.S. Congress, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. Rosenfeld has an Ed.D. in Education Planning, Social Policy, and Administration from Harvard University and a B.S. cum laude in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Rosenfeld currently is a Senior Policy Fellow with the Southern Growth Policies Board and on the Board of Directors or SouthArt and the International Board of the Institute for the Experience Economy in Denmark. In 2004 he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement award from The Competitiveness Institute in Barcelona.

Rosenfeld has delivered keynotes speeches on the creative economy, clusters, or education at statewide conferences in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, West Virginia, and Wyoming; international conferences in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Finland, France, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain, and the United Kingdom and at annual conferences of The Competitiveness Institute, USDA, and the National Association for Entrepreneurial Education.