For 30 years, Mt. Auburn Associates has been a leader in the design, implementation, and evaluation of strategies to promote the economic well-being of individuals, communities, and regions.

Mt. Auburn has developed a national reputation as an innovator in the creative economy field, a thought leader in workforce development, and an expert on the cutting edge of evaluation design. We work with our clients to understand their needs and thoughtfully tailor a customized approach to each project.

Clients are looking for answers...we know how to ask all the right questions.

Latest News & Press

Beth Siegel Keynote Speaker
Beth Siegel was a keynote speaker at the Health. Equity. Capital: Convening. Beth presented the findings of Mt. Auburn's evaluation of Invest Health, a project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Reinvestment Fund. View More

Somerville Equity Talent Playbook
Mt. Auburn Associates, along with our project partner FutureWorks, worked with the City of Somerville to develop the Somerville Equity Talent Playbook. View More

MGCC Small Business Technical Assistance Grant Program
Mt. Auburn Associates and Karl F. Seidman Consulting author a report on the findings of a study examining the effectiveness and impact of the MGCC Small Business Technical Assistance Grant Program. View More

Beth Siegel authors article for Health Affairs
ReThink Health and Mt. Auburn Associates assessed nearly 150 cross-sector efforts focused on improving health, considering how they operated and managed stewardship, strategy, sustainable financing, and existing market and policy conditions. View Article