Our associates and collaborators share a commitment to listening carefully to clients and developing strategies targeted to meet their specific goals.

The scope of our work ranges from broad-based economic development planning to more focused strategic plans involving workforce development, the creative economy, entrepreneurship and small business development, development finance, and industry "cluster" development.

Our broad experience and strong grounding in regional and local economic development theory help us to focus clients on the factors most likely to influence their projects' success. Mt. Auburn's work at the state, regional, county, municipal, and neighborhood levels has given us an in-depth understanding of both the dynamics of regional development and the way in which sub-regional areas function economically within a larger regional context.

Key features of our services include:

  • Expert use of quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • In-depth knowledge of models and best practices throughout the U.S.
  • A high level of interaction with the client and key constituent groups
  • Customized strategies built on local conditions, the client's aspirations, and capacity

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