Focus Areas

Community Investment and Affordable Housing

Mt. Auburn works with our clients to help ensure that their programs and initiatives help all individuals have equitable access to affordable housing. We believe and data confirm that access to stable, affordable housing can lead to better health and education outcomes and increased earning potential.

Connecting Capital and Community

Mt. Auburn is in the early stages of a multi-year evaluation of Connecting Capital and Community, a $30 million initiative of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation that takes aim at the racial inequities at the core of the housing ecosystem. The multisite initiative seeks to strengthen its local community investment ecosystems. For this new initiative, we recently worked with CCI to develop a theory of change that focuses on three-year outcomes in the housing arena and tracks system change in the community investment system.

Connect Capital Initiative

Mt. Auburn Associates partnered with the Center for Community Investment (CCI) to help six collaboratives across the country as they worked to attract and deploy capital at scale and improve the community investment system over three years. Several participating sites, including Coachella Valley, Miami, and Richmond, focused on tackling housing challenges by addressing rent burden, creating or preserving affordable housing, leveraging public incentives to produce more affordable housing, and building public will to prioritize affordable housing. Mt. Auburn served as the learning and evaluation partner for Connect Capital, helping to develop a theory of change, assisting in site selection, providing development evaluation support, and conducting an outcomes evaluation to assess sites' progress.